Backup Tape Restoration Solutions.

Retire your legacy system while maintaining all your archive data on tape

Backup Tape Restoration Solutions

Retire your legacy system while maintaining all your archive data on tape

restoration assurance program

A New Way to Solve an Old Problem.

The Restoration Assurance Program™ is an end-to-end managed solution for restoring and accessing data from backup tapes that enables clients to retire legacy tape-related infrastructure. RAP is customized to individual customer requirements such as tape formats, backup software and data types. If facilities effective management of litigation holds, e-discovery request & other unplanned restoration events. RAP eliminates hard IT costs, reduces risk whilst assuring reliable access to customer’s information assets. RAP is a global solution offered exclusively by TDS.

Legacy Data Retrieval Made Easy.

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  • Supports all major backup environments
  • Supports all tape types
  • Encryption support for all major drive level and software based encryption methods
  • Easy onboarding, does not require customer hardware
  • Formal and secure request process
  • Customized to specific customer needs
  • Guaranteed capability to restore legacy backup data
  • Physical Tape Vaulting/Storage options
tape restoration job

Restoration Assurance Program (RAP) Benefits

  • RAP delivers an auditable, repeatable and defensible business process that meets I.T. and Legal/Regulatory requirements.
  • RAP delivers significant I.T. operational cost reductions.
  • I.T. now focuses on strategic platforms to support the business entities.
  • The standard, repeatable process has been implemented in multiple locations during acquisitions and now retrieval is streamlined and reliable

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