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backup data restoration

Our Solutions.

Since inception, we have been committed to playing an important role in your success by bringing value through the services we deliver. Our services and solutions are customized to fit your customers’ compliance, cost, software, and hardware needs.

Comprehensive Archived Data Restoration Expertise

Our solutions are designed to support litigation, compliance, risk management, data migration, and disaster recovery initiatives.

On-demand Archived
Data Services

Expertise in software and hardware for restoring critical data from legacy backup tapes, paired with services for preserving long-term tape archives through media refresh and repair. Click here to learn more

Legacy-to-Cloud Capabilities

With our deep expertise in tape restoration and migration, TDS leads in moving archived data to the cloud, with proven protocols for major cloud providers.

What We Do.

Turn data restoration into a repeatable business process
from any platform, anywhere.

Fully Managed Tape Solutions

Restoration Assurance Program™ (RAP) is a managed service that allows customers to eliminate the need to maintain physical hardware and software, while maintaining access to data stored on legacy backup tapes.

Supports all major backup environments and tape types.
Encryption support for all major drive level and software-based encryption methods.
Easy onboarding; does not require customer hardware.
Formal and secure request process.
Customized to specific customer needs.
Guaranteed capability to restore legacy backup data.

Our Resources.

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