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Retire your legacy system while maintaining all your archive data on tape.

legacy tape retirement

RAP ensures that your data is accessible, even if legacy environments are no longer available.

  • Changing or updating backup format
  • Moving to a cloud or disk-based backup solution
  • Consolidating or closing data centers
  • Mergers or acquisitions

Looking to go Tapeless with your Legacy Data?

Legacy Data Retrieval Made Easy.

Restoration Assurance Program (RAP) provides organizations with the peace of mind that backup tapes can be restored at any time — without the need to maintain the legacy environments. RAP is a fully managed subscription-based service for the on-demand restoration and extraction of email and data files from tape. Let your team get back to their work, and we will handle the heavy lifting.

Transform How You Manage Your Backup Tapes.

The Restoration Assurance Program turns the retrieval of legacy data into a repeatable process and scalable process.

  • Eliminate maintenance renewals for backup earmarked for retirement
  • Maintain a repeatable and defensible process for eDiscovery
  • Develop a predictable cost model for tape restoration projects with agreements
    in place
  • Realize data center space, power and cooling savings by decommissioning legacy environments
  • Invest minimal effort onboarding your environment to Trusted Data Solutions
tape restoration job

Keep Your Backup Tapes Accessible and Secure with Minimal Effort.


Peace of mind starts with the onboarding process.

Data is every business’s most valuable asset – and how you store and defend it is as critical as how you access it. While IT is busy protecting operations with backups, let Trusted Data Solutions (TDS)  help you recover your legacy data.

Customer Provides Catalog

Customer provides all existing catalogs to TDS for on-boarding into the program.

Environment Configuration

TDS reviews and checks the catalogs provided to confirm integrity.


Following validation, TDS will maintain and manage information for all catalogs.

Ready For Requests

In the event there are limited or no catalogs available TDS can perform an optional catalog phase for all identified tapes missing catalog information.

Restoration Services from the Experts.

Find out more about how the RAP program can take the headache out of keeping your data organized and secure.

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