TDS and Veritas Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Legacy and Multi-Cloud Data Management

Trusted Data Solutions (TDS), the premier expert in legacy data management, and Veritas Technologies, a pioneer in multi-cloud data management solutions, proudly announce a strategic partnership aimed at redefining data management landscapes worldwide. This collaboration marries TDS’s unparalleled expertise in legacy data migration with Veritas’ cutting-edge multi-cloud data management solutions, offering customers a seamless pathway to comprehensive data management excellence.

TDS, renowned for its industry-leading solutions, services, and partner community, has long been the preferred choice for businesses seeking to manage legacy data effectively while meeting legal, compliance, regulatory, and business requirements. With a focus on archived data management and email archive migration, TDS empowers clients to mitigate risks and reduce costs associated with legacy data management initiatives.

On the other hand, Veritas Technologies stands as a global leader in multi-cloud data management, trusted by over 80,000 customers worldwide, including 87% of the Fortune Global 500 companies. Veritas’ robust solutions ensure the protection, recoverability, and compliance of data in multi-cloud environments, offering unmatched reliability at scale against cyber threats such as ransomware.

The partnership between TDS and Veritas Technologies leverages the strengths of both companies to deliver unparalleled value to customers across industries worldwide. By combining TDS’s legacy data management expertise with Veritas’ industry-leading multi-cloud solutions, customers can expect:

  • Enhanced Data Resilience: Leveraging Veritas’ Cloud Scale Technology, customers gain access to autonomous data management capabilities that reduce operational overhead and increase resilience against cyber disruptions.
  • Simplified Data Migration: With support for 800+ data sources, 100+ operating systems, and 1,400+ storage targets, customers benefit from a unified approach to data migration, ensuring seamless transitions across legacy and multi-cloud environments.
  • Comprehensive Compliance Solutions: TDS and Veritas jointly offer solutions that enable customers to meet legal, compliance, and regulatory requirements while minimizing risks associated with legacy data management.
  • Cost Optimization: Through optimized data management strategies and streamlined processes, customers can significantly reduce costs associated with legacy data maintenance and migration.

About Veritas and TDS:

Veritas Technologies is a leader in multi-cloud data management. Over 80,000 customers—including 95% of the Fortune 100—rely on us to help ensure the protection, recoverability, and compliance of their data. We have a reputation for reliability at scale, which delivers the resilience our customers need against the disruptions threatened by cyberattacks, like ransomware. No other vendor is able to match our ability to execute, with support for 800+ data sources, 100+ operating systems, 1,400+ storage targets, and 60+ clouds.

With more than 30 years of industry experience, TDS is the foremost expert in legacy data management, including archived data management and email archive migration. Through its products, services, and partner community, TDS is widely considered the industry standard and preferred choice to support all types of legacy data management initiatives. TDS’ solutions & services enable clients to meet legal, compliance, regulatory, and other business requirements while reducing costs and risks. Learn more at Follow us on LinkedIn.

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