TDS and Cloud4C Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Legacy Data Management and Cloud Migration Solutions

New York, March 2024

TDS, the leading expert in legacy data management solutions, and Cloud4C, a global leader in multi-cloud migration and managed services, proudly announce their strategic partnership aimed at delivering unparalleled solutions to enterprises worldwide. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the technology landscape, promising enhanced data management capabilities and streamlined cloud migration services for businesses of all sizes.

TDS brings decades of expertise in legacy data management, boasting a comprehensive suite of solutions, services, and a robust partner community. Renowned as the industry standard, TDS empowers clients to navigate complex legal, compliance, and regulatory landscapes while mitigating costs and risks associated with legacy data management initiatives.

Cloud4C stands at the forefront of multi-cloud migration and managed services, offering a suite of solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises. With a global presence spanning 25 countries and serving over 4000 enterprises, Cloud4C brings unparalleled expertise in deploying native and hybrid cloud environments with military-grade security and zero data loss guarantees.

Together, TDS and Cloud4C aim to revolutionize legacy data management and cloud migration solutions by offering customers:

  • Comprehensive Legacy Data Management: Leveraging TDS’s expertise, customers can seamlessly migrate and manage legacy data archives, including tapes and email archives, while meeting stringent legal, compliance, and regulatory requirements.
  • Streamlined Cloud Migration: With Cloud4C’s robust multi-cloud migration capabilities, enterprises can effortlessly transition to cloud environments, leveraging military-grade security and disaster recovery architectures to ensure business continuity and data integrity.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: By combining TDS’s legacy data management solutions with Cloud4C’s managed services and automation platforms, customers can optimize operational efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize business value throughout the data lifecycle.
  • End-to-end Support: From initial planning and deployment to ongoing management and support, TDS and Cloud4C offer customers a seamless, end-to-end partnership, ensuring a smooth transition to modernized data management and cloud infrastructur

About Cloud4C and TDS:

Cloud4C, a CtrlS Datacenters Ltd group company, was founded in 2014 with its global headquarters in Singapore. The Chairman and Founder of CtrlS is the pioneering businessman Sridhar Pinnapureddy who saw the increasing need for cloud services with the dramatic rise of data.

Started as a community-cloud that works as disaster recovery for ultra-large enterprises, today we are the trusted partner for enterprises of all sizes for their Modernization, Digital Transformation initiatives. Powered by 25 Centers of Excellence across leading public cloud platforms we have been witnessing exponential growth. Today, we are 2000+ people strong and serve 4000 clients across the globe (26 countries), including 60 from the Fortune 500. Learn more at

With more than 30 years of industry experience, TDS is the foremost expert in legacy data management, including archived data management and email archive migration. Through its products, services, and partner community, TDS is widely considered the industry standard and preferred choice to support all types of legacy data management initiatives. TDS’ solutions & services enable clients to meet legal, compliance, regulatory, and other business requirements while reducing costs and risks. Learn more at Follow us on LinkedIn.

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