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Migrating EMC SourceOne with

Migrating EMC SourceOne with TDS Evolve.

Trusted Data Solutions approaches migrations from EMC SourceOne differently than the other migration solution vendors. EMC SourceOne stores the data as a single instance of the messages. With our history of data migrations, we have been able to collect the required information to rebuild envelopes with the individual messages and as a result export this data out to most of the vendors as a single instance journal data stream. This greatly reduces not only the volume of data to be extracted but also completes the project much sooner which in turn means a lower cost.

Why use TDS to Migrate from SourceOne?

  • TDS extracts all available SourceOne data whether or not the database is accurate. We do this by targeting the backend SourceOne data.

  • TDS rebuilds SourceOne journal envelopes. We do this by converting SourceOne messages in a single instance manner and attach them to rebuilt envelopes which avoids message duplication.

  • TDS has the ability to programmatically extract targeted active SourceOne users.

  • TDS is able to extract SourceOne data from multiple storage platforms.

  • TDS supports the migration of SourceOne Exchange and Notes data.

Don’t wait for EOL news. Jump on this now and you’ll be a hero. TDS can make migrating easy for you.

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