Seamlessly Migrate from Dell EMC SourceOne with TDS Evolve.

Dell EMC SourceOne’s end of life is set for December 2024, so organizations need to plan a complete migration to a new destination. With over 30 years as a leader in legacy data management, recovery and archive migration services, Trusted Data Solutions (TDS) Evolve’s full-service approach to Dell EMC SourceOne migration is fast and cost efficient.

5 Significant Benefits of Using TDS to Migrate from Dell EMC SourceOne.

  1. Extract all available Dell EMC SourceOne data, regardless of the database’s accuracy, by targeting the backend data.

  2. Rebuild SourceOne journal envelopes by converting Dell EMC SourceOne messages in a single instance manner, attaching them to rebuilt envelopes, and avoiding message duplication.

  3. Extract targeted active Dell EMC SourceOne users programmatically.

  4. Attain Dell EMC SourceOne data from multiple storage platforms.

  5. Seamlessly support the migration of Dell EMC SourceOne Exchange and Notes data.

Email Archive Migration Resources.

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Email Archive Migration Resources.

Licensable high-performance email archive migration tool for seamless, secure, and transparent DIY email migrations.

Intuitive Windows-based application
Fast, direct migrations from many different archive platforms
Zero impact on users – even in 24/7 environments
Reduces storage costs by consolidating data and enabling selective migrations
Move data intelligently to meet operational and records management requirements

For organizations seeking a fully managed, end-to-end migration delivered by our experts. Migrate your email archives from any source to any destination.

Three-phase email archive migration service
Phase 1 – Initial engagement Scoping and design
Phase 2 – Project initiation Q/A testing and solution implementation
Phase 2 – Project initiation Q/A testing and solution implementation

Email Archive Migration Technology Partners.

We provide integrated delivery and chain of custody for seamless data ingestion to our partners.

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