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Fortune 100 Insurance Company Reduce Response Times to e-Discovery Requests

Embark on a journey through their success story, where legal compliance meets efficiency.

Struggling with the complexities of a 10k legacy backup tape pool, the IT team at a Fortune 100 insurance giant faced a daunting challenge. Litigation-based requests clashed with their daily tasks, creating a bottleneck in e-discovery processes.

Legally Defensible Restoration: Witness how RAP by TDS provided a foolproof restoration capability, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and putting legal concerns to rest.

Infrastructure Decommissioning: Explore how we empowered a complete overhaul, allowing the insurance giant to decommission and remove their existing legacy infrastructure.

Rapid Turnaround: Say goodbye to months of waiting! E-Discovery request turnaround times were reduced from months to mere days, streamlining processes for unprecedented efficiency.

Relief for IT and Legal Departments: Learn how our solutions alleviated the pressure on both IT and legal teams, fostering a harmonious balance between daily operations and litigation-based demands.

Download the customer story to learn how TDS transformed the legacy data landscape for this insurance company.


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