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Without the proper solution and partner, migrating archived data can be extremely challenging.

In today’s global, heavily regulated economy, organizations are increasingly dependent on technology and its continued advancement. Many organizations are considering a move to the cloud because they see it as an opportunity to reduce their overall hardware and software footprint, as well as decrease the cost of supporting the maintenance of an on-premise or obsolete archives and PST files.

What is TDS Evolve?

TDS Evolve is a high-performance, Windows-based application designed to accelerate, manage, and simplify the movement of email records from existing archive systems to any destination. TDS Evolve also maintains a complete audit of all data transfers and generates detailed reports to ensure chain-of-custody for each individual item migrated. By selecting TDS TDS Evolve for your migration, you mitigate risk while ensuring migration success and complete data sanctity.

Our Migration Specialists

are trained to help you select your best migration path.


TDS Evolve accelerates, manages and simplifies the migration of email records from pre-existing archive systems – both on-site and hosted – to the latest Microsoft messaging platforms.

Evolve processes and enables the selective migration of large amounts of data no matter the criteria. For example, you can migrate data using select criteria, such us owner, location, age, flags, etc. You could migrate the last two years’ worth of archived data belonging to the sales team to Microsoft Exchange personal archives, or you may decide to only move data for which mailbox shortcuts exist.

Additionally, with TDS Evolve, data is migrated in a single step by way of connectors, offering either API or direct support for the ‘source’ archive and using the powerful Exchange Web Services (EWS) API to link the directory into Microsoft Exchange. This ensures optimum performance, complete reliability and no down-time, as well as avoids the need for additional steps that can increase your migration time, cost and risk.


Transparent End Users

As part of the migration service, any legacy shortcuts in mailboxes can be removed and/or replaced with the complete item (retrieved from the legacy archive) ensuring a seamless end-user experience. TDS Evolve can also optionally re-write email addresses to reflect a new email domain.

Mass PST Migrations

TDS Evolve supports the mass migration of PST file contents into Microsoft Exchange.

Enhanced Compliance

Many organizations have a legal requirement to retain data and ensure its integrity for years, even decades. TDS Evolve maintains a complete audit of all data transfers and generates detailed reports to ensure chain-of-custody for each individual item migrated. The contents of journal archives can also be securely migrated with the option to preserve compliance-critical Bcc’d recipients and alias list members.


Migrate your email archives from any source to any destination with TDS Evolve Solutions. Our email archive migration services begin with understanding our customers’ challenges to provide the best solutions and most accurate pricing for their unique needs.

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