Seamless Email Archive Migration for Microsoft Partners with TDS Evolve.

Email archive migration can be tricky for Microsoft Partners. 83% of these projects face issues like going over budget and missing deadlines, according to Gartner. With Trusted Data Solutions (TDS), a credible Microsoft Marketplace vendor, we aim to save you time and money by ensuring smooth email archive migrations. Our services are backed by over 5,000 successful projects, 421 billion messages migrated, and 20+ years of experience.

How today’s data becomes tomorrow’s legacy challenge

In the digital age, data is vital for organizations and integral to human evolution. Emerging trends accelerate the need for more data, yet this shift to legacy data poses challenges as it can become a liability. Partnering with TDS ensures that organizations can access their legacy data quickly and accurately.

Email Archive Migration Resources.

Why IT leaders prefer Microsoft Office 365

IT leaders know that email archive migration is a key component to the digital business journey. Here is why it is the preferred destination for mailbox archives.

What you should look for in an Email Archive Migration partner

Email archive migration can be a complex process, which is why selecting the right partner to seamlessly transition your email data is a critical decision.

How to overcome the Top 5 Email Archive Migration risks

Email archive migration poses risks with severe consequences for organizations—impacting operations, productivity, and revenue. Learn the top 5 risks and how to overcome them.

Successfully migrate email archives with ease, accuracy, and data integrity

Evolve, created by industry experts, is a high-performance Windows application that speeds up email record transfers from archives to any destination. It works seamlessly on all platforms, guaranteeing compliance with regulations, enhanced data protection, and increased efficiency. Evolve also keeps meticulous data transfer logs and produces detailed reports for a secure migration process.

Evolve Solutions by TDS.

Licensable high-performance email archive migration tool for seamless, secure, and transparent DIY email migrations.

Intuitive Windows-based application
Fast, direct migrations from many different archive platforms
Zero impact on users – even in 24/7 environments
Reduces storage costs by consolidating data and enabling selective migrations
Move data intelligently to meet operational and records management requirements

For organizations seeking a fully managed, end-to-end migration delivered by our experts. Migrate your email archives from any source to any destination.

Three-phase email archive migration service
Phase 1 – Initial engagement Scoping and design
Phase 2 – Project initiation Q/A testing and solution implementation
Phase 2 – Project initiation Q/A testing and solution implementation

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