Management of Your Backup Data For Discovery/Compliance, Technology Refresh, and Moving Tape to the Cloud


Management of Your Backup Data For Discovery/Compliance, Technology Refresh, and Moving Tape to the Cloud

RAP Program reaches Milestone: 300 Clients Worldwide.
Command, Collect, Discover, and Restore your Data with TDS.
TDS opens 12th Tape Processing Center in Global Worldwide Network.
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Tapes Under Management

Tape Restoration Capabilities in 12 Facilities, 3 Continents and Counting…

  • North American Tape Restoration Centers
  • Europe Tape Restoration Centers
  • Asia Tape Restoration Centers

North America

New York, New Jersey, California and Canada


UK, France, Germany, Norway, Netherlands and Switzerland


Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and India

Top Backup Formats Supported

1. Veritas NETBACKUP


2. TSM/IBM Tivoli


3. Commvault 


4. Avamar/EMC


5. Veritas Backup Exec


6. Other

(Networker, Data Protetctor, Arcserve)


Top Encryption Methods Supported

1. Software Encryption


2. Quantum EKM/SKM


3. Appliance KMS


4. Native Software KMS




Are Managing Your Legacy Tapes Painful, Difficult, or Distracting?

The Preferred Choice for Corporations, IT Service Providers, Government Agencies, and e-Discovery Experts.

Our Solutions Tape Restoration group solves the unique technical and business challenges in accessing data from backup tapes. Our proprietary software technologies and processes, combined with our world-class restoration engineers, geographical footprint and capacity to scale has enabled us to deliver some of the largest restoration projects ever undertaken.


Our tape data management solutions are designed to support Litigation, Compliance, Risk Management, Data Migration and Disaster Recovery initiatives.

legacy tape retirement

Restoration Assurance Program

RAP is a managed service allowing customers to eliminate the need to maintain physical hardware and software but maintain access to the data on the legacy backup tapes.

  • Supports all major backup environments
  • Supports all tape types
  • Encryption support for all major drive level and software based encryption methods
  • Easy onboarding, does not require customer hardware
  • Formal and secure request process
  • Customized to specific customer needs
  • Guaranteed capability to restore legacy backup data
  • Physical Tape Vaulting/Storage options

Encryption Management

Provides long term solution for customer with legacy encryption environments only

  • Supports all tape types
  • Supports all major drive level and software based encryption methods
  • Guaranteed key management and restore capability

Additional Add-On Services

Provides long term solution for customer with legacy encryption environments only

  • Catalog normalization
  • Data analysis
  • Encryption migration
  • Compliant media management including tape vaulting

Tape Restoration

Comprehensive capability in both software and hardware to assist customers in restoring critical data from legacy backup tapes.

  • All tape types
  • All commercially available backup software going back 30 years
  • All major encryption drive level platforms and software-based encryption
  • All major email platforms
  • Non-native NDMP processing for all NAS providers (Netapp, EMC, Hitachi, Oracle)

Tape Discovery

Methodology designed to identify data types on uncatalogued backup tape estates

  • Identify legacy backup environment
  • High level content detection (servers, backup dates)
  • Low level content detection (file path, file name, email custodian mapping)
  • Create legally defensible audit of tapes for appropriate dispensation

Tape Remediation

Selective services to assist customers in preserving long term tape archives through media refresh and repair

  • One to one tape copy
  • Tape copy and consolidate for select backup types
  • Tape to cloud
  • Tape repair

Supported Cloud Software

Leveraging our extensive tape restoration and migration expertise, TDS is a leading provider in “moving my tapes to the cloud”. We have successfully developed protocols for all major cloud providers.

Backup Software

Appliance Encryption

Key Management Systems

restoration assurance program

A New Way to Solve an Old Problem.

The Restoration Assurance Program™ is an end-to-end managed solution for restoring and accessing data from backup tapes that enables clients to retire legacy tape-related infrastructure. RAP is customized to individual customer requirements such as tape formats, backup software and data types. If facilities effective management of litigation holds, e-discovery request & other unplanned restoration events. RAP eliminates hard IT costs, reduces risk whilst assuring reliable access to customer’s information assets. RAP is a global solution offered exclusively by TDS.

tape restoration job

Keep Your Backup Tapes Accessible and Secure with Minimal Effort.

Industry Leaders Say...

“…TDS has turned the identification and restoration of data from our legacy tapes into an efficient, repeatable business process and has reduced our typical response times from weeks to days.”

“…Due to their technical capability and international geographical footprint TDS was able to design and implement a solution for all our locations within weeks that eliminated disparate legacy backup tape environments but still gave us access to the legacy data when required.”

“…TDS SMEs experience across multiple backup platforms and global delivery capability is second to none.”

“…TDS has become our go-to partner whenever we make a company acquisition that involves a backup environment outside of our corporate standard. Their knowledge and skills enable us to focus on running our business.”

Enabling, Extending, and Delivering Scalable Backup Tape Solutions — TDS

Since inception we have been committed to playing an important role in our partner’s success by bringing value with the services we deliver. Our services are customized as a solution to fit your clients’ compliance, cost, and software and hardware needs.

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Partner with the Experts in Backup Tape Solutions