Voice Compliance in 2020:

Who would have thought all these new technologies would need to be rolled out without the normal governance and controls we would normally see?
Who would have thought at the beginning of 2020 that Financial Institutions would allow Regulate Users to trade from their own front rooms or bedrooms?
Who Would have thought regulated users could operate without the old historic piece of Telephony, their Turret, and be more reliant on their Mobile Phone?

2020, turned out to be a year, that for most of us we have not seen the like of before and hope not to see again. On the personal side we have all had manage the devastating impact “Covid” has had on our lives. On the work front, we have seen changes in 1 year that we would not normally see over 10 years. Company’s appetite for change was crazy. We saw companies embrace “Disruptive Technology’s” like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, Symphony whilst also having to manage a massive increase in traffic across some old “Mainstays” in their product catalogue like Video and Mobile.

  • A Platform Owners’ Nightmare
  • A Budget Owners’ Nightmare
  • A Compliance Officers’ Nightmare

“MVR is not about Mobiles it is about VR. ‘Be Compliant’”

-Paul Wilson, Head of Strategy at Trusted Data Solutions Voice Practice

All the changes implemented in 2020, associated with these new products, are now bank standards and are being used alongside the historic standards like Turret, Mobile and Video. The difference and next challenge are how do you become complaint whilst using these.

The FSA have not allowed for any relaxing of regulations that govern how the banks work. In fact, recently the FSA sent out a new reminder to these firms on the need and requirement to record all remote communications (including mobile, video and IM). Coronavirus (Covid-19): Information for firms | FCA

It is now more important than ever that the Regulate Companies have a compliance strategy that goes hand in hand with the product strategy.

  • The need for a mature, robust, and most importantly Complaint Voice Recording solution, overlaid with automation and assurance is more important than ever
  • The need for an experienced, agile, and global Service Integrator to support your needs is more important than ever
  • The need for Robust Process and Procedure to support your Technology

TDS is best placed to help you deliver against your compliance needs as a leader in voice management, voice logger systems, and the management of legacy data. We provide highly specialized professional services to support Risk/Compliance and IT in all phases of the Voice and eComms compliance data lifecycle.

  • TDS is only provider of Mobile Network Voice Recording on the EE Network with over 5000 regulated users and growing
  • TDS Is the Only MVR Provider that can provide you with a network MVR Solution in London, HK, Singapore, providing applications to cover other regions to support full geographic cover
  • TDS is the Only MVR Provider who can support you from a compliance perspective not just the Mobile perspective
  • TDS is delivering compliance services into over 20 Tier 1 Banks globally
  • TDS is supporting over 100,000 Voice Recording Channels across numerous Product Sets
    • Mobile
    • Teams
    • Symphony
    • Zoom
    • Video
    • IM
    • Turret
    • ETC
  • TDS has compliance service offices in 6 locations globally

You can learn more about voice recording solutions for the financial services sector TDS provides here.

Our Compliance Expertise

    • Biggest Provider of Mobile Voice Recording Globally
    • Largest Compliance Service Integrator in EMEA
    • Over 100,000 capture channels supported globally for financial institutions
    • Compliance expertise for navigating Mobile, Turrets, TEAMS, ZOOM, Symphony Skype, and PABX
    • Over 5,000 MVR Licenses globally

TDS Coverage

    • Trusted Data Solutions can provide a network solution for over 80% of the global bank requirement
      • United Kingdom
      • Hong Kong
      • Singapore
    • An app-based solution where we cannot deliver the network solution

Technical Support

    • Only TDS can provide an end-to-end recording support model for global banks
      • MVR
      • Capture Solutions for on premise recording
      • End-to-end assurance services overlaid on top
      • Single point of contact service model
      • 24×7 support team to monitor E2E service
      • Engineers in locations to global bank


    • Perpetual and SaaS models available
    • Financial services can leverage cost savings by uniting the MVR and the VR elements of their solution

Mobile Voice Recording Service Value

    • TDS’ Mobile Voice Recording provides the best recording solution to capture voice calls and SMS, while preserving the end-user mobile experience
    • Designed to meet the needs of Financial Participants in the UK for MiFID II, GDRP, and SYSC10. TDS can retain in a fully compliant form all data either on premise or in the cloud

Network / SIM based Solution

    • Partnered with EE the UK’s best mobile network to provide a mobile voice and SMS capture service with the following features:
      • Device Independence – SIM Capture
      • Cannot be deactivated
      • No Apps – reduced support and user error
      • No call diversions – SIM based recording at the network level
      • Normal Mobile experience – No delays on making a call, no different dialer