Trusted Data Solutions Delivers Tape Restoration Service to Microsoft Customers

TDS Empowers Compliant Business Strategy and Big Data within Azure

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New York, NY – (May 2, 2018) – Trusted Data Solutions (TDS), a global leader in legacy data management and transformation, today announced its integration with Microsoft Azure.

With over two decades of leadership in the legacy data migration and transformation space, TDS is a Microsoft Gold Partner specializing in migration of data from offline media such as tapes, optical drives, hard disks, or film, and equipped with the necessary hardware and facilities to perform all aspects of migration, including secure transport, chain of custody, data extraction, data recovery, and data sanitization.

“The Microsoft stack of solutions is at the root of addressing how enterprise accounts reduce their hardware footprint, while ensuring easy access and compliancy around their regulated legacy data,” stated Chris Clark, chief executive officer at Trusted Data Solutions. “With our tenure in the tape space and expertise in the data transformation market, we are in a unique position to help Microsoft customers address their Big Data needs, while ensuring they leverage Microsoft Azure to help achieve their data restoration assurance goals.”

TDS integration with Azure will enable customers to find and establish a compliant and secure path for their data, while ensuring they stay ahead of potential litigation or access to mission critical content. Not limited to tapes, TDS delivers a host of options to Microsoft customers looking to store, restore or transform their legacy tapes, migrate email or other legacy content that leverages Microsoft Azure infrastructure. Whether it is to store as part of your disaster recovery solution in the long-term archive, use the information to drive creative solutions, or use analytics services such as Azure HDInsight, Azure is a secure cloud solution for data storage.

“Having a company like TDS with such depth of expertise in legacy data and migration strategies as a part of Azure Marketplace gives our customers a proven and secure path for handling their Big Data concerns, whether they be legacy tapes, email or critical content,” said, Dean Paron, Director, Microsoft Azure Data Box from Microsoft.

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About Trusted Data 
For more than two decades, Trusted Data (TDS) has led the market in legacy data management. As foremost experts in backup tape restoration, email migration, and voice retrieval, Trusted Data continues to be the preferred choice for eDiscovery companies, corporations, government agencies and legal firms that require a trusted partner for their data transformation initiatives. Trusted Data’s leadership is demonstrable in their commitment to expand the needs of their growing customers and partners by regionalizing their services and operations. Headquartered in New York City and two additional international headquarters in United Kingdom and Singapore, Trusted Data maintains one of the most expansive global restoration assurance facility footprint in the market – with facilities in New York, New Jersey, California, England, Wales, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore – managing total of 1.5 million tapes, over 500 Petabytes of data, across 37 thousand projects.

TDS is a wholly owned subsidiary of TDS Global Holdings which is privately held.